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Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings

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In this special occasion of Dragon Boat Festival nutritious rice dumplings with many flacors in Xin Nan Xuan can be served as a gift. 


¥158/box  (8pieces)

Net weight:100g/piece


Rice Dumpling with abalone X1

Rice Dumpling with Spiced Beef X1

White Rice Dumpling X1

Rice Dumpling with Pickles and meat X1

Rice Dumpling with Osmanthus X1

Mix Rice Dumpling X1

Rice Dumpling with Ham and pork X1

Rice Dumpling with Bean Paste X1


Selling from 20th Mar, 2017. Pick up: 5th to 29th May, 2017 10:00am-20:30pm.

For enquiry and purchase 86(791)8777 7777

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